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Core Features

Listings Management

Facilitates easy management of ads, including moderation, approval, and expiration.

Advanced Custom Search

Provides powerful search options for easier discovery of relevant listings.

Advanced Search Filters

Provides users with advanced search options to easily find listings based on specific criteria.

Location-based Services

Enables geolocation features to show listings relevant to users’ locations.

Inbox Messaging

Provides secure, direct communication between buyers and sellers for improved user experience.

Boost Ads

Offers increased visibility for advertisers’ listings, driving higher engagement and revenue.

Frontend Submission

Streamlines ad submission with live post card previews during form submission.

Customizable Layouts

Offers flexible layouts for easy customization to match your website’s unique style.

User Dashboard

Offers a dedicated dashboard for users to manage their ads, profiles, and other settings.

Payment Integration

Allows easy integration of payment gateways for secure transactions and revenue generation.

Responsive Design

Ensures optimal browsing experience on all devices and improves search engine ranking.

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